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Reversing America’s Church Decline: A Deep Dive

We’re posing a question you may not want to hear – why is the Church in decline in the United States, and what can we do to address this unsettling reality? We’re not here to sugarcoat the situation, but rather to explore the sobering statistics and uncover the roots of the problem, particularly the disconnection among the younger generation. Kristen, with her insightful observations and personal experiences, opens an intriguing discussion on the fundamental human need for belonging, an area where some churches appear to fall short.

Join us as we wrestle with the hard truths and navigate through the potential solutions. No stone is left unturned, from the stark decrease in church membership and religious affiliation to the shift in key cultural influencers like Hollywood, media, government, and academia. As we grapple with this challenging topic, we invite you to tune in. We may not have all the answers, but we’re committed to igniting the conversations that matter. Through prayer and trust in God, we are hopeful to reveal a beacon of light in these seemingly dark times.

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