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The Blessing of Humility

We don’t often think of humility as something we’d want.  We associate it with the word “humiliation,” and the requirement to be humble sounds like one of those rules that the Bible imposes arbitrarily that we just don’t want to follow, like turning the other cheek, or forgiving those who wronged us, or praying for our enemies.  But each of those has a purpose and benefit for us.  Those aren’t rules imposed because God likes to impose rules, but rather because each of them make us better and stronger and more reliable and trustworthy people who God is therefore  better able to bless and prosper.  Humility is no different, and it’s not something to avoid, but something to seek out desperately, like we do prosperity, because humility is a key to prosperity as it is the antidote to pride, which causes all sorts of bad judgment.

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