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You Have to Give to Receive Forgiveness

A lot of us, especially new Christians, want to focus on the things that we get out of Christianity. What is in this for me, almost like we’re interviewing God for a position, right? “If you want to be my God, I need to know your position on financial increase.” And don’t get me wrong, God wants to bless you, and the more you understand about Him, the more you’ll realize He can’t help but bless you as you draw closer to Him, because He is blessing. That’s His nature. But to draw closer to Him, you need to remove barriers in your life, and there are at least three areas where God says if you want this specific thing, make sure you’re also giving this specific thing to others: If you want mercy, you have to give mercy. If you want financial blessings, you have to bless others financially. And if you want forgiveness, and that’s going to be the subject of tonight’s talk, you need to forgive others. Because not doing so can not only mess up your mental health, and keep you from God’s blessings, but it can keep you out of heaven too.

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