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An Important Conversation About Living Together Before Marriage

Cohabitation before marriage: society seems to tout it as a compatibility litmus test, but what if that’s not the whole story? Join Jordan and Kristen as they pull back the curtain on this modern-day relationship rite, sharing personal experiences and societal insights that challenge the perceived wisdom of living together pre-nuptials. We navigate through the complex layers of commitment, contrasting the deep-rooted vows of marriage with the impermanent nature of an unmarried couple’s shared domicile. With the aid of intriguing stats and thought-provoking discussion, we aim to present why skipping the home trial might just pave the way for a stronger, more lasting partnership.

As we wrap up this candid episode, we extend a heartfelt thank you to you—our faithful listeners—for journeying with us through these often-taboo topics. Looking ahead, we’re preparing to bare our own marital tales of joy and tribulation, an intimate conversation you won’t want to miss. Until our paths cross again, remember to seek us out on, our YouTube channel, and our Spotify offerings for more heartfelt discussions. Keep sending those prayer requests, and as you step into your week, may it brim with grace and the excitement of deepening connections with Jordan and Kristen Ministries.

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