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Can a Christian Marriage Survive Adultery? And Should it?

Can a marriage emerge stronger after the storm of infidelity? That’s the heart-rending question Jordan and Kristen tackle through the lens of biblical stories like that of Hosea, examining the raw realities of betrayal and the healing potential of forgiveness within the context of a sacred covenant. With Jordan’s background as a divorce attorney and their shared Christian faith, Jordan and Kristen navigate the complexities of adultery—a frequent catalyst for divorce—and discuss the arduous journey towards possible reconciliation. From the tangible acts of unfaithfulness to the less visible, yet equally damaging, emotional betrayals in the digital age, we confront the profound impacts on relationships. Yet, in the midst of the pain, we underscore the transformative might of repentance and the boundless grace offered by the Gospel, holding onto the belief that with genuine remorse and open hearts, marriages can find a path to restoration.

Moving to the frontlines of marital defense, this episode also lays out strategies to preemptively shield your union from the perils of infidelity. Jordan and Kristen dissect the dangerous cocktail of pride and the misconception of self-imperviousness, emphasizing that simply professing immunity to temptation is far from sufficient. They share the critical importance of establishing clear boundaries in all facets of life to avert the smallest lapse that could lead to significant transgressions, and reveal how spiritual fortitude, daily prayer, and cultivating a deep connection with your spouse act as bulwarks against external enticements. As we offer these insights, we hold firm to the belief that prevention is key, and while God can mend a marriage fractured by betrayal, the path is often smoother when fortified by proactive measures and a shared commitment to fidelity.

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