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Politics and the Church: Too Much, or Too Little?

Should the church remain politically neutral? Join Jordan and Kristen as they break down the complexities of faith entwined with politics, spurred by feedback from those who feel the church has become a shadow of political parties, especially within American evangelical circles. They’re taking on the challenge of dissecting whether our faith communities have strayed too far into partisan territories or if there’s a moral imperative to stand firm on issues that align with our spiritual convictions. Expect an honest, no-holds-barred conversation about the role of the church in an era where political affiliation seems as integral to identity as religious belief. Through prayer and thought-provoking discussion, we grapple with the image of Jesus in the realm of modern politics and the difficulty of being His followers amidst today’s morally charged political landscape. Should the church be a bastion of peace, untouched by the chaos of the political world, or does it have a duty to address the pressing matters that affect our moral compass? Tune in as we explore the delicate balance between advocating for what’s right and avoiding the pitfalls of becoming entangled in political strife, all the while seeking to honor our convictions without succumbing to the divisive nature of partisanship.

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